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Handcrafted Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments

Handcrafted Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments
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Synopsis: Handmade Christmas ornaments are lovely gifts and will dress up any tree in style.

Fair Trade ornaments support rural artisans. We're offering items from India, Thailand, Haiti and Peru. Handmade ornaments help keep traditional craftwork alive while supporting the development of communities, fair wages, and usage of natural or recycled materials.

What is Fair Trade? It's a social movement that aids producers in developing countries to receive fair wages, promotes sustainability, and advocates environmental standards. By purchasing fair trade items you are supporting living wages for artisans, investments in communities, economic empowerment of small producers, and sustainability.

About the artisans:

Thailand - ThaiCraft generates a fair income for village artisans while keeping alive craft traditions.

India - Community Friendly Movement is a social enterprise based out of New Delhi whose mission is to create income for artisan communities in rural India by working directly with the community and increasing the sustainable income of the individual.

Peru - Aptec Peru is an organization of producer artisans that offers a variety of handmade products made from many materials including clay and gourds.

Haiti - The Diaspora of Haitians has spread the designs and skills of Oil Drum art throughout the Caribbean but the art is truly Haitian. Old oil drums are no longer readily available and are imported into Haiti by container and sold to the artisans. Even though cheaper, more readily available steel sheets could be used, artisans rely on the used drums for the patina in their art.




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