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Eco Friendly Back to School Essentials

Eco Friendly Back to School Essentials
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This year, send them back to school with everything they need for an eco friendly, sustainable school year!

It's time for Back to School!

As August rolls around, the summer blues start setting in at my house. My kids mope around claiming that all the lighting bugs have been caught and the neighborhood pool is a bore. I, like other parents, start looking forward to the Back to School season, while our kids wish for one more run on the beach or one more camping trip. At EcoPartyTime, we can help you ease into the back to school season with some awesome enviro-friendly products and tips.


Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials


Back to School - Get to the point

1. If your kids are like mine, pencils that have lost their points are doomed to spend the rest of the year in the bottom of their school bags. Ensure that they always have a fresh point and support the future of our planet with No-click Mechanical Pencils. The writing point automatically drops down as needed! Made from recycled paper, these are definetly eco-friendly!

If classic pencils are more to your liking, have no fear! We also offer a tube of 60 pencils, each made of recycled paper and rubber.


Use Your Back to School Resources Wisely

As you read over your child’s list from his/her teacher, place a check mark beside any item that you already have or can re-use from last year. Not all items have to be purchased brand new at the start of each school year. Using our resources wisely is a lesson every student should learn. Using items we already have is better for our environment and our wallets.

Challenge your kids to see who can purchase the least amount of new items and still fulfill all requests on their class lists.


Color Your World for Back To School

2. Crayons are a staple of any young student’s backpack and often need to be replaced. You can feel good about using these crayons that boast vibrant colors with an eco-twist. They come in a variety of shapes – stars, sticks, worms, and transportation – to appeal to even the pickiest scholar and all are recycled.

For your preschooler, the Kitty Egg Recycled Crayons are the perfect size for smaller hands.

"Reuse" - An Eco Mantra

Do your kids pack a lunch each day? If so, there is an easy eco-change that can be made. Simply trade out your plastic baggies and paper lunch bags for reusable containers. Sandwiches will remain un-squished in a container and snack items will remain fresher. Perk up the traditional lunch bag by reusing small gift bags.


Sweet Eco-Treats for Back to School

3. Commemorate the first day of school for your little professors with an extra special treat in their lunchboxes! Gourmet cookies in the shape of a classic school bus are sure to make the first day a little sweeter. They can even be personalized! Packaged in recycled materials and created in a nut-free and certified organic facility, you can feel good about giving and enjoying these yummy snacks.

If this year marks a special year, such as the first year of Kindergarten, celebrate with the whole class by giving these delicious and super cute treats.


Plantable Love

4. Lastly, don’t forget to send them off with a note from you in their lunch, written on plantable postcards. The colorful cards have wildflower seeds embedded in them. Simply write, deliver, and then plant!


All of us here at EcoPartyTime wish you a sustainable school year!

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