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Diaper Cakes FAQ

Q: What is a Diaper Cake?
A Diaper Cake is a clever arrangement of disposable diapers made to resemble a cake. Diaper Cakes make unique and impressive baby shower gifts, and are perfect for every new or expectant parent. There are two variations of a Diaper Cake, one type contains rolled diapers and the other is made from wrapped diapers.

Depending on the type of Diaper Cake you choose, there can be hidden baby products on the inside, and some display them on the outside. Diaper Cakes are perfect to bring along with you to the hospital when visiting a new parent, sending one as a corporate gift to an expectant parent and displaying as a baby shower centerpiece. No matter how you choose to give this gift, a Diaper Cake makes the most memorable and practical gift a parent can receive.

Q: Why Does a Diaper Cake make the perfect gift for a new parent?
Diapers are the most used baby product for any new parent. On an average, a baby goes through 8-10 diapers every single day. A Diaper Cake makes the most practical gift a new parent can receive, besides the uniqueness and beautiful appearance of the cake itself, it also contains a whole lot of diapers. Loaded with natural and organic baby products, Diaper Cakes are always a crowd pleaser.

Q: What kind of baby products are included in your Diaper Cakes?
 We believe that natural and 100% organic baby products are the only kind that an infant should encounter. Our supplier carefully select the best baby products for the rapidly developing infant. Our Diaper Cakes include all 100% organic and natural products such as Organic Onesies, Organic stroller blankets and receiving blankets, natural and BPA free teethers, natural rubber pacifiers, organic toys and natural baby creams. Our Diaper Cakes are constructed with the purest and safest ingredients available today.

Q: Why choose Organic Eco-Friendly Diaper Cakes vs the traditional Diaper Cakes?
A: Out of concern for the environment and worry over chemical effects on babies, many parents today choose to use organic baby products, such as diapers, clothing, toys and bath products.

Our Diaper Cakes are constructed with Chemical free diapers so that mom can rest assured that she is pampering her baby with the purest ingredients possible.

Q: What kind of Diapers do you use to handcraft your Diaper Cakes?
A: All cakes use leading Eco Friendly brand on the market- Nature BabyCare. We use size 1 disposable diapers in every cake. Nature BabyCare use chlorine free absorbent materials that don’t contribute to dioxin pollution. There is absolutely no latex, fragrance or TBT (tributy tin), and therefore are hypoallergenic.  Nature BabyCare brand is soft, comfy and have resealable closure tabs.Nature BabyCare is white with leave patterns, and Nature BabyCare uses 100% compostable consumer packaging. This brand is 100% plastic free to reduce the greenhouse effect. For more information on this brand please visit Nature BabyCare site.

Q: Are your diapers glued together?
A: Absolutely not.Our supplier take special care in constructing our cakes so that every single diaper is 100% usable by the new parent. Our cakes are created very secure and guaranteed not to fall apart during shipping.

Q: Are your Diaper Cakes pre-made?
A: No. All of our cakes are handmade from scratch when an order is received. Since each cake is original and some items are subject to availability, they can sometimes vary slightly from the picture. Consistency is a high priority for us, but if we must make a substitution, it will be of equal or greater value.

Q: How long will it take my diaper cake to arrive?
A: Our supplier handcrafts the cakes in the same order that they were received. Please allow roughly 2-4 business days for your diaper cake to be constructed. You will receive an email once your order was received and another when it ships.

Diaper Cakes ship from NY via FedEx Ground for U.S. Domestic and Canadian orders. Depending on your location, it can take anywhere 3 to 7 business days to arrive (from the day we ship). If you need your order expedited please contact us for options. Refer to our Shipping page for more detailed shipping prices and transit time maps.

Q: How are your diaper cakes packaged?
All of our diaper cakes are beautifully wrapped in cellophane and topped off with a gorgeous bow. We also include an ingredient card with your personal greeting. We also take great care in packaging and shipping them to assure they arrive in the same condition they were shipped.