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Freeze Dried Speciality Rose Petals - 8 Cups

Freeze Dried Speciality Rose Petals - 8 Cups
Specialty Freeze Dried Rose Petals
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Speciality Freeze dried rose petals will add an elegant touch to your wedding.  Instead of bird seed or bubbles, use freeze dried rose petals to toss when exiting the church.  They are a natural, biodegradable product, so clean up is easy.  In addition, you can use them for flower girl baskets since they are much less likely to stain than fresh petals.  Table decoration is another popular use, these freeze dried rose petals make an excellent conversation piece.

Suggested amounts, by use:

Tossing: 1/3 to 1/2 cup per guest
Table decoration: 2 to 4 cups per table with centerpiece
Aisle, per square foot: 8 cups for dense, 4 cups for moderate, 2 cups for light, 1 cup for scattered.
Flower girl: 4 to 8 cups per flower girl

Freeze dried rose petals do not retain a scent, but you can lightly scent them with essential oil. Store these petals at room temperature - not in the freezer or refrigerator!

Made in the USA with rose petals imported from South America.

What's green about this product? Biodegradable and freeze dried in a facility that is fully powered by wind and hydro generated electricity.

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