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Apple Green Stripe Recycled Bag Review

Apple Green Stripe Recycled Bag Review
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Synopsis: Learn how Midget Momma used these recycled paper bags to create custom Dr. Seuss themed goodie bags for her son's 7th birthday party. Planning a great kid's birthday party can be frugal - and green! - with just a little imagination and a bit of planning.

This weekend, we had my son’s 7th birthday party.The theme was Dr. Seuss and we had a blast!  This was my first big kid's party and

 I had visions of my parties when I was a kid running thru my head.

My mom was always super creative – for instance, she made Conastoga Wagon mini loaf cakes for my Western Party,

which is well beyond anything I would have dreamed up or been able to create!  So I set off on this party endeavor with very high

expectations of myself, and I think it turned out pretty well! 

 It started with the invitations:

My favorite part was the cupcakes, which was an idea I got from another blog on the internet called KitchenDoughDough

she has some amazing cupcakes on that site! They turned out like this


We had four different games – a Fox in Sox relay where they had to put socks on their hands and feet and run on all fours, a carry the on a

 spoon relay, get the fish back in the fish bowl (a tribute to that poor fish in Cat in the Hat!) and a pin the Eggs on the Tray game,

which I managed to draw by hand; glad it came out well!


I of course still needed gift bags. And as per Frugal Living rules, you really want to have as little name brand product as possible

because its a lot cheaper to buy red plates then it then it is to buy Cat in the Hat plates!


But I still really wanted them to go home with something that was really Dr. Seuss.  So I went on the hunt for Goodie Bags and found these

at ecopartytime.com:

I fell in love them instantly; they are just that perfect Green Eggs and Ham’ green, plus they are made out of recycled paper

PLUS they are much sturdier than the typical plastic bag goody bag. I showed them to my son who (he must take after my mom) had a brilliant brainstorm.

Lets get those Mommy and then we can decorate our own bags; Wow, what an awesome idea. I had managed to scoop up some Dr. Seuss art supplies on sale at Michaels before I had any idea what I would do with them.

Part of the supplies I picked up, Dr. Seuss alphabet stickers and foam character stickers;perfect. now the kids would have something to do while we waited for everyone to come!Heres how they turned out:



They came out GREAT! And my daughter made her own as well and is still carrying it everywhere like a purse! They are very heavy-duty.  I have some left over and I’ve been thinking about ways to use them – I think they will make great hand puppets, or lunch bags, or a gift bag for that birthday party my son is going to on Saturday!  And at only $.68 cents to $1.09 a piece, these are ALOT cheaper than those overpriced gift bags at the store that will cost you $5 bucks just to have Hannah Montana on the front!  AND they are eco-friendly!  You really can’t beat that!  Ecopartytime.com has so many great things on their website including Plantable Seed Paper thank you cards to send out after the party!  They will remember your party forever when the flowers begin to grow!

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