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Luna Organics Makeup Product Review

Luna Organics Makeup Product Review
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Synopsis: Jamie (Cake Mom) was thrilled with the quality of these pretend play makeup kits - because they are all natural they won't irritate skin and come off easily with a washcloth. She found plenty of fun options for boys and girls with just two kits, and liked how compact and easy to store these all-natural makeup kits are.

Kids love face paint and it can make a really great party activity and/or favor idea. Luna Organics was founded by a mother who strived to create organic play items for her children. They have developed a line of all natural kids' play makeup made entirely of organic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. All ingredients used in the play makeup are FDA-approved for various purposes and all suppliers come with standards set by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

We were given two to try. The Fancy Fairy set is a great kit for little girls who love to play dress-up. The kit comes in a reusable purple and clear bag and includes 20g Fairy Dust (sparkly silver and purple), a rainbow sparkly eyeshadow pack (5g pink, 5g gold, 5g purple, 5g blue, 5g green), 5g purple glitter organic lip balm with cinnamon scent, and an eye shadow/lip applicator and puff applicator.

I liked how compact the kit was. It can easily fit in a small drawer for storage and the fact that it is so little and colorful made Bella feel really special.

I also really liked how the eye shadows were connected to each other. The cap to one was the base to another which means they will all stay together and you have less of a chance of losing the shadows.


The effect is a bit difficult to capture on film, but you can make out some sparkles on Bella's face and eyes. It looked much better in person and made her look really pretty without making her look like she was wearing mommy's makeup.


The second set we were given to review was the Animal Medley Kit. The kit comes in a reusable clear and orange case and contains 10g of each of the following paint colors: brown, orange, black, gold, and red. The set also comes with 2 sponge applicators.

These paints were like nothing I have used before. They are lotion-based, so they are very creamy when applying. They did not harden like many face paints do, so it was not irritating to my children and they were able to move their faces like normal. I was also VERY impressed with how easily the makeup came off. I gave my children each a washcloth and they were able to easily remove all the makeup in a couple of minutes without any assistance from me.

Jack wanted to be a monkey (I know this looks nothing like a monkey, but I never claimed to be a makeup artist)

Bella wanted to be "something scary". Again, I am not a makeup artist but she was pleased with the outcome.

I was very impressed with both of these products and I do not think I could return to normal face paints ever again. Not only am I thrilled with the quality, but I am much more comfortable putting these organic products on my children rather than the other potentially toxic options available on the market!
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Cake Mom

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