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Ecopartytime, has adopted a set of core values that makes us different from other conventional party supply stores.

• Pledge to sell only natural, recycled, reusable and organic products and supplies for all celebrations

• Honesty, integrity and transparency in customer dealings. For example, provide detailed descriptions that include truthful product information and highlight green benefits including supplier’s eco-commitment wherever possible.

• Commitment to the environment to organize yearly events (in association with Green Halloween®, a nonprofit organization) within our local communities to raise awareness about eco-friendly celebrations

• Promise to grant exceptional customer service

• 5% profit sharing with non-profit organizations committed to promote environment conservation

Aside from our core values, we continue to try to reduce humans’ impact on the environment. Ecopartytime is trying to reduce their own carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets for the orders they ship. Ecopartytime works with select suppliers who not only manufacture eco-friendly products but at the same time are both environmentally and socially responsible. Moreover, Ecopartytime makes a strong effort to provide a more environmentally friendly supply chain through the elimination of complex and costly distribution channels and include shipments from manufacturers directly to the customer.