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Compostable 10oz White Hot Cup - Pack of 50

Compostable 10oz White Hot Cup - Pack of 50
Compostable 10 oz Hot Cup
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These eco-friendly and durable hot cups are lined with cornstarch in the form of modified PLA. These hot cups are certified compostable, biodegradable, and completely GMO free.  Perfect for your next picnic, reception, or every day use for coffee on the go.  Also great for soup!

How It's Green

These cups are made only from renewable resources, that have a measured reduction in carbon emissions and a low waste production process.  These cups are also fully compostable.  For these reasons, they are a better choice then traditional plastic lined hot cups.


10 oz

Special Notes

For products to be named with the "compostable" designation, they must be able to break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass at the same rate as paper.  Also, the broken down materials should not contain any toxins and should be able to support plant life.

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