Encourage Your Child's Imagination and Creativity with a No Battery Birthday

Remember that thing you played with all the time when you were a kid?  It was with you from sun up till sun down.  You didn’t buy it at any toy store… it was free.  And it’s what could turn an empty box into a dollhouse or a broom handle into a light saber.

Where can you find this long-lost treasure?  It’s still with you – if you take the time to encourage it…

Your imagination – would your childhood have been the same without it?

Do you ever feel like our children’s generation is really missing out on the simple, creative joys of life?

From the day your child is born, you’re bombarded with singing, blinking, interactive toys with slick marketing campaigns to convince you the advantages of “starting education early.” 

I wasn’t immune to the claims.  When our son was a few weeks old, we asked our birth doula

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