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  1. How to Use Eco-Friendly Tableware to Stage Your Fall Open House

    How to Use Eco-Friendly Tableware to Stage Your Fall Open House

    The last thing you want to do when your selling your home is spend a bunch of money on staging it or improving the decor. You also don't want to create a cheap atmosphere that's off-putting to the potential buyers. That’s where Eco-Friendly Tableware can help! Whether you just need to decorate for a showing or for a big open house, you’ll love some of these suggestions that will create a sophisticated look for your home. 

    Ecopartyime: Eco-Friend Open House Staging

    Ecopartyime: Eco-Friend Open House Staging


    What better way to highlight your dining room than with a perfectly set table. Whether the space is big or small, you can spruce it up and really make it a highlight

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  2. Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly

    Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly


    Ecopartytime: Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly

    One of the first things to worry about as Halloween approaches is what costume to get your child.

    According to, “many Halloween costumes available on today's market contain conventional toxic dyes that pollute waterways, and petroleum-based products that require oil drilling. Using silk costumes rather than petroleum based costumes helps alleviate the pollution in our environment. Silk is a natural fiber, a renewable resource, and an ancient product of China. Purchasing and using silk costumes rather than traditional made costumes helps preserve the environment instead of creating more waste.”

    Ecopartytime: Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly

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  3. Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Themed Wedding

    Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Themed Wedding

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Wedding

    For my gold inspired table setting, I used a lot of Ecopartytime’s best gold products. If you’re looking for some gorgeous wedding decorations then you need to check out this Gold Paper Confetti. It’s handmade in the USA with 100% recycled tissue paper!

    Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

    If you plan on giving your guests a little gift, then I recommend setting out these Metallic Gold Chevron Bags. These Chevron bags are easily available in your local stores. You can fill them with candy or cookies. You could also use these bags as little envelopes for our Plantable Card Favors!

    Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn

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  4. Eco-Friendly Fall Place Settings

    Eco-Friendly Fall Place Settings

    Ecopartytime: Fall Place Settings


    To start we have a simple table setting with a beautiful pop of fall colors! I used Ecopartytime’s Round Bamboo Plates and Utensils for this setting. For the place mat I reused some light brown burlap which matches the bamboo. I’m in love with rich fall colors so I found some berry garland on sale which I used at the main decoration.

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Fall Place Settings


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  5. Eco-Friendly Fall Decorations

    Eco-Friendly Fall Decorations

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Fall Decorations

    The very first thing I start with when decorating for Halloween is Ecopartytime’s Tissue Fans. You can get these in orange, gold and white to perfectly decorate a blank wall space! They look amazing with little pumpkins or wooden wall decor.

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

    During the month of October I become pretty obsessed with all things pumpkin. During my last fall party I served these Gluten-Free

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  6. Green Halloween Party Must-Haves

    Green Halloween Party Must-Haves

    Hello my eco-party people. We’re quickly approaching those three months filled with holiday party after party. The first major holiday milestone is Halloween (October 31st) You have school parties for the kids, office parties for you, neighborhood get-togethers and pre-candy gathering merry making to buy supplies for.

    Green Halloween Must Haves from Ecopartytime - Caramel Apple Halloween Fun

    Green Halloween Party – Make It Spooky & Sustainable

    If you are serving food, make sure to keep it locally and/or sustainably grown. For little monster parties, turn oranges into little pumpkins for a healthy delicious treat and dip frozen bananas into white yogurt coating & garnish with chocolate chips for eyes. For adult parties, consider something a bit more gruesome looking but still yummy like locally

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  7. Eco Friendly Wine & Cheese Night

    Eco Friendly Wine & Cheese Night

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Wine and Cheese Night


    Sometimes you just need to have a sophisticated Wine & Cheese Night with friends! Just because you’re using disposable products doesn’t mean your set up has to look…cheesy (no pun intended). I’m going to show you how to use Ecopartytime’s biodegradable products in a way that’ll take your Wine & Cheese Night to the next level.

    One of the first products I highly recommend is Ecopartytime’s Palm Leaf Plates. These come in big sizes to display your fine cheeses and also in smaller sizes for your guests to load up. You can also use the Palm Leaf Bowls for any

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  8. Paper Straws and Cocktails for Cooler Weather Part 1: Fall

    Paper Straws and Cocktails for Cooler Weather Part 1: Fall

    I am so excited that I get to do an article on one of my favorite eco-chic accents, paper straws. Click on any event planner's Pinterest board and you'll see them in multiple drinks and dessert tables. You may be asking why. There are two very good reasons. They are way better for the environment than plastic straws and they come in a variety of colors to match any event scheme.

    With fall and winter right around the corner, I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can incorporate our colored paper straws into your autumn harvest festivals, Halloween parties, winter weddings and holiday gatherings.As I tell everyone, the uses for these paper straws are endless.Because of that (and the fact that I know you don't have time to read a novel-sized blog right now), I focused on adult treats and drinks in this article.Don't worry, kidlet party-throwers, munchkin-friendly drinks and treats will be discussed in a future blog post!

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  9. Eco-Friendly Woodland Party

    Eco-Friendly Woodland Party

    Ecopartytime: The Best Products for an Eco-Friendly Woodland Party


    Eco-Friendly Woodland Party Decorations 

    One of the first things you’ll need for this woodland occasion is decorations! I love using Ecopartytime’s neutral colored Tissue Balls for a more rustic feel. Where I live in Colorado is surrounded by big pine trees so I collected a bunch of lovely little pinecones to decorate. This is a great way to bring nature into your home. Plus it’ll save you from having to buy other decorations. The pine cones look great with Ecopartytime’s Tissue Balls.

    Ecopartytime: The Best Products

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  10. Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part 2

    Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part 2

    Pirate Party Supplies


    Last time we donned our pirate gear and set out on the high seas in search of treasure!  I'm back to help you finish up this eco-friendly pirate party in style!

    Pirate Party Favors - Land ho!  Might there be treasure on this island?
    Once the fighting is over and the pirates decide to all get along and help each other find the treasure , let your guests roam the yard, using the map as their guide to plunder the awaiting bounty!  Hide the treasure in any wood box or in the Pirate Felt Goodie Bag and Felt Treasure Chest Bag.  Fill the bags with “Recycle”

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