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  1. Sustainable Ski Mountain Weddings

    Sustainable Ski Mountain Weddings

    Ecopartytime: Sustainable Ski Mountain Weddings


    I saw an announcement recently that a very sweet friend of mine, Bronwyn, had recently become the Wedding Sales Manager of Purgatory Ski Resort  in Durango, Colorado. When I saw this, I flashed back to great memories of skiing and snowboarding at Purgatory & other ski resorts. It occurred to me that a sustainable ski lodge wedding would be a wonderful theme for this December Ecopartytime blog. What better way to celebrate nature’s true winter beauty than by highlighting the very mountains, trees and snow that make winter sports such a blast!

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  2. Every Day Uses For Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

    Every Day Uses For Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

    Our fun, eco-friendly products aren’t only for parties, weddings, & events! These party supplies can be used in everyday life. Here are some of my favorite EcoPartyTime products and how to use them anytime! 


    Honeycomb Tissue Ball Decoration 

    These little beauties are the perfect decoration for your home! Use our green and red balls for Christmas decorations. Or order colors that compliment your bedroom. I like to use the blue and green tissue balls above my bed. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your room pop. These are affordable and, of course, Eco-Friendly!


    Every Day Uses for Honeycomb Tissue Balls-EcoPartyTime

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