Shabby Chic Garden Tea Party Part 2 - The Treats and Fun

Garden Tea Party Sandwiches and Treats

It wouldn't be a tea party without tiny finger sandwiches. Tea sandwiches are simple to make. Take thin slices of sandwich bread, slice off the edges (save for another use such as bread stuffing or bread crumbs), spread on a very thin layer of butter and fill with classics such as cream cheese and thin cucumber slices; egg salad; chicken salad; or even peanut butter and jelly spread in a thin layer on the bread. Cut these sandwiches into triangles and place them on a china plate for serving.

A Shabby Chic Garden Tea Party wouldn't be complete without an assortment of dainty sweets. Make or purchase from your local bakery beautiful little cookies, colorful cake pops and petit fours. Floral cupcakes will seem as if they were picked from your garden, and when wrapped in Olivia recycled linen paper cupcake wrappers,

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