Sustainable Superbowl / Bronco Bash Wedding

It’s the biggest day in any football fan’s life. Superbowl. For many men & women, it’s the culmination of several month’s hopes, dreams and wishes! As a native Coloradoan, I bleed orange & blue & I’m glad my Broncos are in the big game! And if you are like some of my friends, a football-themed wedding featuring the Denver Bronco colors of orange and blue is the perfect way to celebrate their beloved football team going to the Superbowl & their love for each other as well.

A wedding is like a superbowl in many ways. You prep for about a year for one day of amazing energy and excitement, the people there are deeply invested in the outcome & a legendary one will be talked about for years to come.

(Melissa’s note: Carolina Panther & other sports team-loving couples can also plan the perfect football wedding by searching for specific color to check out their team-colored banners, confetti & tableware. How awesome is that? Everything I talk about below can be designed around any sports team.)

Like any themed wedding, you can go as outrageous or subtle as you want. In designing this wedding, I decided to go a little subtle & focus on the strong orange and blue color scheme and leave the obvious football/gridiron aspect of the Superbowl for another blog post.

Superbowl Bronco Sustainable Wedding

Sustainable Superbowl Wedding – True Blue & Eco-chic

I’ve always loved these two colors together, and not just because I’m a Colorado girl at heart. A blue and orange wedding is not a quiet color scheme. It is bright and flamboyant and full of energy, just like avid sports fans.

Bronco Blue is a great hue for your base color. Nearly everyone looks great in royal blue and having blue tablecloths will really ground your event space. Check out a fabulous eco-chic linen rental business like my Emerald Certified linen sponsors, Creative Coverings. Their Navy Sequin, Cobalt Crush, and Midnight Blue Pintuck fabrics would be a striking & sustainable base layer for your decorative accents of burnt orange to create a truly beautiful Bronco-inspired wedding tablescapes.

Ecopartytime carries eco-chic Bronco Blue additions for rounding out your blue side of your eco-chic Superbowl wedding including tissue paper balls, & seeded confetti

Sustainable Wedding Superbowl Bronco Wedding Colors

Eco-Chic Bronco Bash Wedding - Outrageously & Sustainably Orange Crush

This year’s Broncos are being compared to the famously awesome 1977 defense team known as the Orange Crush. Do your own version of Orange Crush and make your guests jealous over your Bronco themed Superbowl wedding. You can use organically sourced & locally grown orange tulips, roses and lilies to create an orange bouquet everyone will be crushing on. Make sure to serve organic cocktails with orange and mango juice to keep that brilliant orange color through the cocktail hour.

Check out Ecopartytime’s orange selection of items for more sustainable superbowl sizzle for your wedding. They carry plantable confetti & honeycomb hanging decorations.

Sustainable Wedding Bronco Bash Transportation

Eco-Chic Football Wedding – Vintage Bronco Transportation

For driving away in true Bronco style, I recommend finding a locally owned vintage car either in Bronco blue or orange crush. Finish the team color scheme by decorating with sustainable decorations in the other team color.

You can even have the classic car serve two purposes (go, multi-tasking. Whoop whoop) and make it the backdrop for your very own guests “Selfie station” with the hashtag #BroncoLove. Add Bronco flags, foam fingers, and megaphones for color. These can be re-used at football games for several years to come. The resulting pictures will be an amazing reminder of years to come of your guests, amazing wedding day and your favorite team.

As you get ready for the big day (& the big game), don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas for your own eco-chic Superbowl wedding. Please post pictures of your Brilliantly Green Bronco Bash / Superbowl Wedding with the hashtag #Ecopartytime so we can share in your sporty sustainable big day! This is Melissa Wagner-Gens, Chief Chica Verde of Emerald Events & Weddings& your Ecopartytime Green Event Expert, hoping your football wedding day is “lovely and fine on the fifty yard line”!

Photo Credits: True Photography, Tammie Thessing

About the Author:

Melissa Wagner-Gens is Ecopartytime's Green Resident Expert. She is also a Green Event Educator, certified event planner & owner of Emerald Events and Weddings.