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  1. Top 10 Plastic Free Party Swaps

    Top 10 Plastic Free Party Swaps


    Try serving up that iced tea in a reusable cup, or have your guests #BYOBottle. Offering reusables is a great way to eliminate single-use (SU) plastic cups, as is having a drink dispenser. Providing a drink dispenser allows for two things: it eliminates SU drinks (water bottles, etc.), and guests control quantity, which helps decrease food waste.



    Swapping out the single-use plastic straw and drink tag is another way to go plastic-free. Paper straws are becoming readily available and after the party can easily be thrown into the compost bin. Whereas, eco-drink tags are harder to find, but with a bit of planning you can try this easy option using string, paper & clothespin. This four-in-one mason jar is a practical way to

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  2. Three Ways to Green Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration

    Three Ways to Green Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration

    Buenos dias, all my chicas & hombres verde! Cinco De Mayo, the well-known festival of Mexican heritage and culture is right around the corner. This is such an amazingly colorful and fun holiday to celebrate with its bright flags and mariachi music.

    Whether you are planning a private party or a local neighborhood bash, you can easily make your Cinco De Mayo sustainable. Let me show you how to celebrate a true “Eco-Cinco” by supporting your local Mexican merchants and mariachi bands, making your margaritas with local and organic ingredients, and decorating your Cinco space sustainably.

    Green Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration from Ecopartytime - Mariachi Band

    Eco-Chic Cinco De Mayo – Support Local Mexican Musicians & Merchants

    Celebrating the Mexican culture is one of the main reasons

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  3. Sustainable Superbowl / Bronco Bash Wedding

    Sustainable Superbowl / Bronco Bash Wedding

    It’s the biggest day in any football fan’s life. Superbowl. For many men & women, it’s the culmination of several month’s hopes, dreams and wishes! As a native Coloradoan, I bleed orange & blue & I’m glad my Broncos are in the big game! And if you are like some of my friends, a football-themed wedding featuring the Denver Bronco colors of orange and blue is the perfect way to celebrate their beloved football team going to the Superbowl & their love for each other as well.

    A wedding is like a superbowl in many ways. You prep for about a year for one day of amazing energy and excitement, the people there are deeply invested in the outcome & a legendary one will be talked about for years to come.

    (Melissa’s note: Carolina Panther & other sports team-loving couples can also plan the perfect football wedding by searching for specific color to check out their team-colored banners, confetti & tableware. How awesome

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  4. Five Essentials for an Eco-Friendly Valentine

    Five Essentials for an Eco-Friendly Valentine

    Here are the five essentials for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day tea:

    1. Keep it simple

    A tea or brunch doesn’t have to be extravagant to be a lot of fun. Sometimes simple is best and more enjoyable for everyone! For your décor, focus on a few key areas and do them really well. Pick a color scheme and stick with it, accenting with a few colors to make it all pop.

    Our Framed Chalkboard Place Cards are perfect for letting guests know where to sit or for short messages as part of your décor.

    Eco-friendly Valentine Essentials for a Tea Party-Eco-friendly Paper Decorations

    2. Ditch the plastic

    Ditching plastic isn’t just for the environmentally conscious individual. It’s for anyone that wants to take their events and decorations to the next level. Plastic plates, cups, utensils,

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  5. Green Your Superbowl Party

    Green Your Superbowl Party

    Green Your Superbowl Party with Ecopartytime

    Super Bowl Party Invitations and Decorations

    First things first, most Super Bowl parties don’t involve paper invitations, so you haven’t wasted any paper yet. Just in case, send an email invitation and your guests can have your address right on their smartphone without having to print off a map.

    Consider easy ways to “green” your decorations. My favorite is both a game and a decoration - penalty flags. You simply wrap a yellow napkin or cloth square around a ping pong or quarter-sized amount of beans, tie it off and throw it if you see any football or party fouls! You can make other decorations too. Consider turning your party platters into edible decorations, decorating some old soup cans for utensil holders, even hang your favorite jerseys next to the television. Everyone will appreciate the ingenuity and you haven’t wasted money on streamers, tablecloths or plates that will be outdated before the morning rolls around.


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  6. Eco-chic Tips for Beautiful Valentine Inspired Weddings

    Eco-chic Tips for Beautiful Valentine Inspired Weddings

    February is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. February 14th is also one of the more popular days to get married. After all, what better time to declare your love for your sweetie than on a day completely dedicated celebrating Love itself. I personally think Valentine’s weddings are lucky. My mother and father were married on Valentine’s Day forty years ago and they are more in love today than when they married. =o) I know there were many other factors which contributed to their loving success but I believe starting their life together in such a romantic way definitely helped. Here are some easy and eco-chic ways you can incorporate the traditional Valentine’s icons into your big day!


    Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – Two Hearts . . .No Waiting

    Quick, think of the shape that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. Raise your hand if you are thinking of a heart. On second thought, put down your hands or

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  7. Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Thanksgiving is coming - don’t be caught off guard without any Table Setting ideas! If you already have some of our Eco-Friendly Tableware on hand then all you need is to get some inspiration from these ideas below.

    Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

    What is Thanksgiving without some pumpkin decoration? I bought mini pumpkins at the grocery store and colored them with metallic Natural Food Paint. This paint is 100% Natural Plant and Mineral Based! These pumpkins make lovely centerpiece decoration I surrounded the pumpkins with Ecopartytime’s Golden Paper Confetti. Because I’m a sucker for cute confetti.

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  8. Sweet & Sustainable Apple Harvest Wedding

    Sweet & Sustainable Apple Harvest Wedding

    Happy Fall, Y’all. I bet you thought this article would be about organic pumpkins, free-range turkeys, and football fun. Well, I debated being that cliché but decided instead to provide you a break from the traditional green November themes and instead concentrate on a fun fall wedding theme. Apple harvest time is a wonderful activity to highlight in an eco-chic wedding. This theme brings up images of cool weather, snuggling under warm blankets, hot cider and comfort in every sense of the word. It’s appealing to all ages (insert groan at bad apple pun here).

    Sustainable Apple Wedding by Ecopartytime - Apple Orchard Photos

    Whether you choose to focus on Granny Smith green or Red Delicious, there are multiple color palettes you can use. Red, green, gold, even a slightly pink-salmon color works. Use Ecopartytime

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  9. Top Five Eco-friendly Fall Wedding Themes

    Top Five Eco-friendly Fall Wedding Themes

    Fall brings many changes to the world - Leaves turn from green to gold, temperatures drop dramatically, pumpkin spice lattes can be enjoyed again. Autumn weddings can take advantage of nature’s bounties by centering on themes which celebrate the natural products of the season like falling leaves, pumpkins, apples and even the wine harvest. So grab your favorite hot beverage and let’s explore some eco-friendly Autumn wedding themes.

    Fall wedding, fall wedding photo ideas, fall wedding photo shoot with leaves

    Green Fall Wedding – Changing Leaves

    The great thing about using leaves in your wedding décor is they are plentiful, free and nothing screams “Fall” like a red, gold or orange leaf motif. Scatter them across guest tables, make your bouquets with them, or string them up to make an

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  10. How to Use Eco-Friendly Tableware to Stage Your Fall Open House

    How to Use Eco-Friendly Tableware to Stage Your Fall Open House

    The last thing you want to do when your selling your home is spend a bunch of money on staging it or improving the decor. You also don't want to create a cheap atmosphere that's off-putting to the potential buyers. That’s where Eco-Friendly Tableware can help! Whether you just need to decorate for a showing or for a big open house, you’ll love some of these suggestions that will create a sophisticated look for your home. 

    Ecopartyime: Eco-Friend Open House Staging

    Ecopartyime: Eco-Friend Open House Staging


    What better way to highlight your dining room than with a perfectly set table. Whether the space is big or small, you can spruce it up and really make it a highlight

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