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  1. Celebrate Earth Day with a Fun, Eco-Friendly Party!

    Celebrate Earth Day with a Fun, Eco-Friendly Party!


    Decorations for your Earth Day Party should mimic the natural colors of the planet - no crazy neon shades for this party! Earth tones for the ground, blues for the ocean and greens for the grass and trees are the palette you'll want to duplicate in your decorations. Party goods and table covers should be made from reusable materials such as organic cotton tablecloths and your everyday glasses. Otherwise, use disposables made from recycled or natural organic substances that can be composted when your party is over.

    String Be Green EcoGarland all around your party space both indoors and outside. EcoGarlands are made from a special paper that is created from stone, that requires no water, trees or bleach in their production and 50% less energy than traditional papers. Unlike plastic garlands, these won't sit in a dump site

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  2. Top Picks for an Eco-friendly Easter Gift Basket

    Top Picks for an Eco-friendly Easter Gift Basket

    Unfortunately, too many products sold for filling those cheerful baskets are one time use items that, once they are discarded, will sit in landfills for many generations. Rather than contributing to the future health of our planet for our children and grandchildren, they contribute to its decay. Many of these well intended basket fillers contain toxins, artificial ingredients, and too much sugar, none of which is good for little growing bodies.

    Therefore, we propose a new approach to Easter baskets. Goodies and gifts that will bring the joy of Easter morning to our children, that are as good for them as they are for the environment.

    Use a Felt Goodie Bag - Instead of giving your child a plastic basket that will be quickly forgotten and tossed into the trash to sit in a landfill for many generations, choose an adorable felt bag that is made from all natural materials and will be loved and reused

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