Sweet & Eco-chic Honey Bee Wedding Must-Haves

Hello Eco-party peeps!! What’s fuzzy, buzzy and plays a major part in keeping our food chain thriving? The answer, of course, is the honeybee. Not only do they cross-pollinate 1/3 of our food sources, but they also produce delicious honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and honeycomb which not only tastes amazing but is actually beneficial for many health reasons.

Sweet & Eco-chic Honey Bee Wedding Must-Haves from Ecopartytime - Honeybee Bee Keeper

This wedding theme was designed for one of my eco-chica brides who was a beekeeper (or apiarist) herself. She was passionate about highlighting all of the “Bee Benefits” in the world in her wedding. She also loves Blake Shelton's song "Honeybee" which fit in perfectly in this Brilliantly Green™ vintage honeybee wedding design.

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