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Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part 2

Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part 2
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Synopsis: Finish up your pirate party with these additional tips! Send your little swashbucklers on a treasure hunt and then celebrate with a pirate banquet!

Pirate Party Supplies


Last time we donned our pirate gear and set out on the high seas in search of treasure!  I'm back to help you finish up this eco-friendly pirate party in style!

Pirate Party Favors - Land ho!  Might there be treasure on this island?
Once the fighting is over and the pirates decide to all get along and help each other find the treasure , let your guests roam the yard, using the map as their guide to plunder the awaiting bounty!  Hide the treasure in any wood box or in the Pirate Felt Goodie Bag and Felt Treasure Chest Bag.  Fill the bags with “Recycle” Crayon Sticks and a water bomb of their own.

Pirate Party Food - Arghhh Me Maties, What’s to Eat?
The map has been uncovered.  The enemy has been fought.  The treasure has been found!  Celebrate their new found fortune at a Pirate Banquet, complete with Gold dust cupcakes and The Captains Treasure treats. Use gold sprinkles for the “dust” and a fruity cereal for the “treats”. For a refreshing cool down, be sure to have plenty of sea water for the swashbucklers to enjoy. Blue Kool-Aid in jelly jars, topped off with Paper Straws in red and black, is delicious and easy.  Complete your party table with the Pirate Felt Banner!

Avast Me Hearties, We Wish You Fair Winds!
A pirate themed party is sure to be a huge hit with the kids as well as the adults.  This theme is perfect for a birthday, an end-of-summer send off, or just for a fun afternoon with friends. We wish you fair winds and smooth sailing through the end of the summer season.

Thanks for joining us for yet another eco-friendly party!


Pirate Party Theme

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