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Chalkboard Theme Ideas for Your Wedding

Chalkboard Theme Ideas for Your Wedding
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Want to make your big day stylish and sustainable at the same time? Let our Green Event Expert show you how to incorporate reusable chalkboards into your wedding theme. One of today's hottest event trends, chalkboard signage saves money and trees by replacing expensive, forest-reducing paper signs.

Today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite new wedding trends – chalkboards. Once only used for country weddings, today you can see chalkboards cropping up in all kinds of weddings. From the vintage to the modern, reusable chalkboards are replacing paper and cardboard signage on welcome signs, drink and dessert displays, even table number & place settings.

Chalk Theme Wedding - Chalkboard Schedule

Eco-friendly Chalkboard Theme Party Ideas – Dashing Drink Displays

I love signature drinks in weddings. A southern wedding needs its sweet tea just like a winter wedding needs hot chocolate. Brides & grooms are highlighting these special drinks with many kinds of chalkboards. I’ve seen amazing chalkboards detailing each signature drink that just made me swoon. Another popular idea is to give each guest their own drinking glass for the night. Usually these are mason jars, but I’ve seen martini glasses and pilsners used in the same way. You can let your guests know about this with a chalkboard sign explaining the process.

Chalkboard Theme Wedding - Chalkboard Mason Jars as Place CardsChalkboard Wedding - Decorative Chalkboard Signs

Eco-friendly Chalkboard Theme Party Ideas – Inspired Guest Book Alternatives

Brides and grooms are getting very inventive with their guest book ideas. These ideas are usually sustainable which is awesome. They are intended to be useful and remind the couple consistently of their guests. Wedding couples are asking guests to autograph river rocks which will go in their first flower bed, mantle logs that would go above the fireplace in their first house, or quilt squares to make a warm quilt for the wedding couple.

Chalk Theme Wedding Guestbook

Whatever unique guest book idea you come up with, make sure to use a chalkboard sign to explain the idea clearly. Make sure to tell them if you just want their name or a message as well. (Melissa’s note – it’s a good idea to put out examples of what a signed item will look like, just so the guests get the idea.)

Eco-friendly Chalkboard Theme Party Ideas – Table Numbers and Place Settings

I love chalkboard signs for guest tables. Add one of our chalkboard signs to three or four similar items (books, pictures, board games from your youth) and you’ve got yourself a simple yet elegant tabletop.

Identifying each table is important and whether you are numbering your tables or naming them after your favorite authors, Ecopartytime’s chalkboard signs will elevate the tabletop to that next level.

Chalkboard Theme Wedding Seating Cards


Remember Ecopartytime for all of your chalkboard needs from simple to ornate. Until next time, my party people, I wish you “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . .”

About the Author

Melissa Wagner-Gens is Ecopartytime's Green Resident Expert. She is also a Green Event Educator, certified event planner & owner of Emerald Events and Weddings.

All images courtesy of Emerald Events & Weddings and Alison Rose Photography.

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