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Hosting a Little Sprout Eco-chic Baby Shower

Hosting a Little Sprout Eco-chic Baby Shower
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Need a fresh new theme in earth-friendly baby showers? Let our Green Event Expert show you how to throw an eco-chic “Little Sprout” soiree. Blending organic garden décor and delicious farm to table nibbles, this fabulous eco-chic baby shower is perfect for baby boys, girls and gender reveals alike.

The world right now is in complete bouncing baby bliss since the royal baby made his debut last month. Our article this week celebrates that theme as well. Something you may not know about me is I love planning and throwing Brilliantly Green baby showers almost as much as I love Brilliantly Green weddings :)

A very dear friend of mine, Lindsey, is a very pregnant mama-to-be. I recently threw her (and her future daughter, Lucy) a pink and green “Little Sprout” shower. I’ve always loved parallels between babies and plants–they both start so tiny and grow so quickly. They both inspire us as adults and we pour our hopes for the future and lots of love into both as well.

Little Sprout Shower Details

Eco-chic Baby Shower – Setting the Green Garden Scene

I have been in love with the bright pinks, oranges and greens of the Viva Green recycled tableware since I saw it and knew it would be perfect for this kind of party. We used Viva Green tablecloths to cover both the favor station and the game prep table and set out plates and napkins of the same design on the dessert table.

I wanted the space to feel like a true garden so we layered living herbs, locally-sourced rose bushes and wheat grass on our tables to make them garden-like. Since Lindsey is having a baby girl, I went with delicate lacy greens like lavender, dill fronds and fennel bulbs with the tops on.

Viva Green Tableware

As a brilliantly green touch, everything was either replanted in the mama-to-be’s garden or dried for future use after the shower. I also brought in an antique wooden bunny and some vintage garden tools to add to the whimsical garden feel of the party.

Eco-chic Baby Shower – Eco-chic Localvore Munchies

A Little Sprout shower needed a menu full of farm fresh food so we drew up a delicious menu highlighting some local delicacies including fresh blackberry tarts, locally sourced brie and honey bites, organic lavender and rose petal truffles and raspberry white chocolate cupcakes served in Ecopartytime’s recycled pink, green & “It’s a Girl” cupcake wrappers. For drinks, guests were given the choice between cucumber and mint infused water or iced blackberry tea.

Little Sprout Table Set Up

Eco-chic Baby Shower – Games for the Growing Gardener

As you know, you can’t throw a shower without baby games. Each guest was given a sterilized pink or purple binky on a ribbon as they came into the party. Anyone who said “baby” and got caught by another party guest had to suck on their binky for 30 seconds. This made for a lot of laughing and some great photos.

We also played “baby bottle bragging rights” in which every guest was given a glass bottle with 4 ounces of sprite in it. The person who had drunk the most after 5 minutes was declared the winner. (Melissa’s note…That bottle thing is harder than you think! Also I’m planning on re-using the bottles and binkies for future baby showers & my anticipated future babysitting evenings).

Eco-chic Baby Shower – Fantastic Farm to Table Favors

We couldn’t let the guests leave without a fabulous earth-friendly parting gift, so we planted edible nasturtium flowers in mini watering cans and included recipes and growing tips in the recycled apple green stripe gift bag complimented by mini garden shovels. That way they can go home and watch their own “little sprout” grow over the next few months.

Green Apple Stripe BagsLittle Sprout Watering Cans

Have you thrown an amazing eco-friendly baby shower? Tell us all about it! We love eco-chic babies!! :) Until next time, my party people, I wish you “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . .”


About the Author

Melissa Wagner-Gens is Ecopartytime's Green Resident Expert. She is also a Green Event Educator, certified event planner & owner of Emerald Events and Weddings.
All images courtesy of Emerald Events & Weddings.

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