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How to Host an Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party
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If you're looking for a fun, eco-friendly party to host with your girlfriends this is a great option! You'e able to enjoy time with friends while refreshing your wardrobe at the same time! On top of that, you've found an eco-friendly way to get rid of the unworn clothes sitting around your closet. With the help of Ecopartytime's tableware and decorations this is an easy party to prep and plan for. 

Clothing Swap Parties have really become popular the past few years. This is one of my favorite parties to host in my home every month! It’s practical and fun to prep for with products from Ecopartytime. You get to spend some quality time with friends, you get to give aways unworn clothes from your closet instead of throwing them away, and you get to discover some fun new items for your wardrobe! 

Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap

Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party - EcoPartyTime

To start, you need to prep for your party! When I host, I serve muffins and mimosas along with some small snacks. For the muffins, you can use Ecopartytime’s cupcake wrappers. There are different options for each season depending on when you host the party. I also love to sprinkle Ecopartytime’s biodegradable confetti on my cupcake stand to make everything pop. If you want to take things to the next level, you can use Ecopartytimes adorable Cupcake Stands. 

Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party -Ecopartytime

For the little snacks, I use Palm Leaf Bowls and for people to grab their snacks, I set out small Palm Leaf Plates. For my Mimosas, I set out Paper Straws for those who want to use them. 

Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party -Ecopartytime

Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Party -Ecopartytime

Now you’re probably wondering - how do you organize the clothing swap so everyone leaves happy? My best strategy is to write down a number for everyone who comes. I write the numbers on little pieces of paper and then put them in a jar. Everyone randomly selects a number as they come. I also have them sort their clothes into categories - so all the shirts are together, all the pants are together, etc. Once we get started, I have number 1 & 2 go pick one clothing item first. I keep going down the list, letting people go in groups of two. Once everyone has gone, you start over but go backwards, letting the highest numbers go again - since they had to wait so long to go the first time. 

If you have more people, you can let more people go at once. If you only have 5 or 6 people, you can let one go at a time. I typically let this go until everyone is done and happy! You can donate the clothes you have left or use them to make other crafts. It’s a great, eco-friendly way to deal with clothes you no longer want! 


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