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3 Easy Steps to the Eco-Wedding of Your Dreams

3 Easy Steps to the Eco-Wedding of Your Dreams
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Our Guest Blogger and Healthy living writer Letitia L. Star has written many green-related features for national consumer magazines. Here, she talks to green living expert and mother of two, Corey Colwell-Lipson about Eco-Party Time's selection of eco-wedding products. Plus, Star gives 3 easy steps to having your own dream green wedding!

If you'd love a beautiful, earth-friendly wedding -- you're not alone. More couples are choosing green weddings, according to The New York Times, citing surveys by bridal magazines and businesses that point to a noticeable trend. In fact, Goggle reported that in one month alone there were over 105,300 searches in the U.S. for "green wedding" or similar wording.

“There's a definite trend toward green weddings, with increased media coverage and mainstreaming of many eco-friendly components,” comments Corey Colwell-Lipson, green living expert and mother of two.

"As a green living expert, I'm pleased that EcoPartyTime.com has added an Eco-wedding category because it's now easier for brides and grooms to align their values with their vision for a memorable, meaningful wedding," said Colwell-Lipson.

"I particularly recommend EcoPartyTime.com's unique selection of sustainable wedding essentials, including favors and tableware," she added. "Prices are reasonable. But most importantly, high quality means that these eco-friendly products can last as family heirlooms."          

"Start off your life together in a way that honors the planet. This can be a truly meaningful way to begin to build a new family and traditions. We call it meaningfully green. Conventional weddings unnecessarily generate tremendous waste," says Colwell-Lipson who is co-author (along with her mom Lynn Colwell) of Celebrate Green! (www.CelebrateGreen.net)
For your dream green wedding, take these simple steps:
1) Invitations. Kick off your special day with susta
Embrace Plantable Wedding Invitationinably stylish invitations and reply cards that set the tone for the eco-friendly event to come. Guests also will cherish eco-wedding favors. Look for natural bamboo, recycled paper and other sustainable materials.

“We love that these invitations, reply cards and favors are not only 100% post-consumer waste paper, but also plantable,“ says Colwell-Lipson. “So instead of tossing them in the trash, guests can plant them and have an array of beautiful flowers. What a cool gift.”

Rustic Flower Girl Basket 2) Ceremony.  If you’re planning a garden or country setting, choose accessories to match.

“Many of these items can be reused in the home after the wedding, or handed-down as heirlooms,“ comments Colwell-Lipson.

Quick Tip: For a bamboo theme wedding, search EcoPartyTime.com for “bamboo.” For a garden theme, search “bird."
Please Be Seeded Plantable Place Cards3) Reception. Earth-friendly place cards and holders, plus organic bamboo tableware are absolutely perfect for any green wedding reception.  

“Here's everything that you need to set a splendid table in organic style,” Colwell-Lipson advises.

Eco-wedding packaging such as personalized muslin bags (a type of cotton fabric) and recycled paper favor boxes are well-suited to hold wedding favors.

Organic cookies make ideal wedding favors and edible decor,“ she adds. “Both my mom and I are huge fans of these organic cookies and give them as gifts year-round.”

"Wedding cupcakes are all the rage. What new couple wouldn't want their monogram printed on LuLu recycled linen cupcake wrappers?" asks Colwell-Lipson.

4) Attending a wedding? Eco-wedding gifts and packaging, plus gift certificates are available.

Letitia L. Star, a healthy living writer, has written over 1,000 published articles, including many green-related features for national consumer magazines. She also specializes in writing effective e-newsletters and web content for green businesses and non-profits. Contact her at LStarwriter@gmail.com or visit https://LStar.vpweb.com/

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